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April 2010: Deaf Community Services
« on: April 20, 2010, 09:43:26 PM »
You're invited to nominate new members to join the Board of Trustees

DCS is looking for energetic, committed Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals with certain skill sets to apply. They must be willing to undergo training in nonprofit governance, fundraising, strategic planning, and other areas. Interested candidates must be willing to attend monthly meetings for three-year board terms, uphold DCS’s mission statement, participate as a team, observe ethical standards, be willing to listen and learn and engage in fundraising and community events. Giving back to the community and supporting the staff and Executive Director in the work they do are important functions of the board.  It can be an enriching and rewarding experience. Active board members make a difference!

A Letter from the Board of Trustees

To members of our community, friends, and supporters:
DCS’s Board of Trustees is looking for new members who share a passion and commitment to DCS and to the community we serve. The board plays a very important role in providing leadership and support for the agency and its staff. We need skilled and dedicated Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons to help us grow and make DCS stronger.
You are invited to submit nominations or your own name for consideration by the Nominations Chair. All nominees must send a resume for the board to review. Those who are invited to interview will be offered a time and date to meet with the board, discuss their credentials, and learn more about what board service is all about. Board terms are three years each, with a maximum of two terms.
Join us for an enriching experience and give back to your community!
For additional information, please contact us at We will forward your nomination/name to Lynnette Miller, the Nominations Chair.
We hope you’ll think about becoming part of our team. You can make a difference!
With Our Best Wishes,
The DCS Board of Trustees
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